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* Starting with a workshop from 1995 then establishment in 2004 in Hanoi, HL Design has developed into one of the finest and largest addresses in the ASEAN Home Décor market.

* With three specialized factories and above 800 staffs and workers, our capacity about 20 containers (40 ft) per month

* Our products have been exporting to all over the world .Knowing that the quality is vital factor. HL Design have established a strong, professional quality control system and obeyed it in a very strict manner to assure goods exceed customer's expectations and delivered on time. We implement requisite quality standards, monitor pilot production on-line. Our manufactures are continuously professionalized, modernized to improve production. Constantly cooperate with clients to troubleshoot any unforeseen production issues, test components and/or products upon request to make correct valuations as production proceeds, use AQL final control procedures to ensure saleable product at delivery and file interim & final QC reports.We divide our Manufacturing system in to three specialized factories:






1.      Surface material, color finish research

 3.      Produce and accomplish high artistic and complicated items, color finishes

1.      Main processing products

2.      Producing raw products

1.  Attaching:  Mother of pearl, Egg shell, Horn…etc

2. Color finishes

Our workers are regarded as artists and be skillful. We have to cost much time and money to hardly train them. so they can be able to make artistic products with nice color finish, the surface and  also the inside, the bottom are  smooth  


So our products are now aware of clients that are good quality and stable and delivered on time

*  Environment and working condition responsibility: We have built HL Environment and working condition code in 2002. It sets out all works have to done: committing to follow all legal laws and regulations (FCS- forest protecting certificate , EPG - Environment protection, HRW – Human right…), standards, joining social activities to protect Environment and creating good condition, child labor is banned….

* All our products are hand made so cannot avoid small errors in form, size, color... However, we will try as much as we can to overcome these obstacles and difficulties




     1. Wood fibers:

We mainly use wood fibers which have good points: light, anti water, avoiding cracks (as bamboo),   easily breaking-up (as ceramic) and friendly with environment

- All products are manufactured in Vietnam and are all hand made of MDF, which is wooden fibers, chips, powder are compressing in moulds under heat and pressure.

- The finish of products is applied by natural Mother of Pearl, or metallic lacquer, eggshell, wood veneer,  ...etc which small pieces are each by each applied by hands onto the products

- All vases are waterproofed and they can be filled water for decorating flowers. Bowls can be filled with water for displaying fruits, floating fresh or artificial flowers

2. Composite:

Some complicated products we use composite material which have have good points: very light, anti water, avoiding cracks (as bamboo),   easily breaking-up (as ceramic)

        3.  Others: Bamboo          Rattan         Ceramic        


Manufactures add :  

2.1 Factory 1

Address: Binh Minh, Thanh Oai, Ha Noi

Tel: (84 4) 399 22020                         

2.2 Factory 2

Address : Km 53,Highway 5A, Camthuong Ward, Haiduong City, Vietnam

Tel: (84 4) 399 50660

2.3 Factory 3

Address: Gia van, Gia Vien District, Ninh Binh City

Tel: (84 4) 915 635 355                                                              Email:

One of rarely Vietnamese companies have designing  department to create our own models; and can assure products with good quality
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