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Brand name:            HL Design

HL Design is a leading company from Viet Nam specialized in artistic lacquerwares for  Home Decor.  Products are distinctive art and unique decorative items. Wholesalers are highly appreciated our design and quality

 Starting with a workshop from 1995 then establishment in 2004 in Hanoi, HL Design has developed into one of the finest and largest addresses in the ASEAN Home Décor market. Our company is organized  professionally with closed system so we can make our own models; products with best quality, plenty of models and color finishes. Wholesalers are highly appreciated our design and quality

 II.       Design

HL Design is one of rarely Vietnamese companies have designing department to create our own models. Each Season our design Team will launch new models and color finishes updating with the world home decor new trends                                                                                                 See more

It is our work of art to bring you high end home decor accessories.                     

III.     Manufacture

HL Design have established a strong, professional quality control system and obeyed it in a very strict manner to assure goods exceed customer's expectations and delivered on time. We divide our Manufacturing system in to three specialized factories                                                           See more 

IV.    Contact info

* Office add: 47 NguyenTuan street, Thanhxuan district, Hanoi, Vietnam

*  Tel: (84 4) 3 99 44 566                 *  Fax: (84 4) 353 78 99*  

*  E-mail:          *   Website : 


Designing info                                                                                  Manufacturing info


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Address: 47NguyenTuan street,ThanhXuan distr, Hanoi, Vietnam                    Tel: (84 4) 399 44 566 +  E-mail:

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